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Canticum Novum CD: Sacred Vocal Music from the Late 20th Century. Cary Boyce, John Eaton, Mario Lavista, Menachem Zur

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Music and religion have been connected throughout the centuries in all cultures of the world. Even in our secular times, composers create music to express religious beliefs and compel the soul to devotion and spiritual communion. In western classical music, the texts and rituals used as sources for these musical compositions frequently derive from Judeo-Christian tradition These texts have maintained their capacity to convey personal truths and values through the centuries to this day. The Psalm settings of Cary Boyce and Menachem Zur, and the Catholic Mass settings of John Eaton and Mario Lavista are contemporary manifestations of this spiritual vision.

CANTICUM NOVUM is based on repertoire performed by the Aguavá New Music Ensemble at the 2000 Tempus Fugit Contemporary Music Festival in Tel Aviv.

Missa ad Consolationis Dominam Nostram
(Mass to Our Lady of Consolation) –1995, Mario Lavista (b. 1943),
1998 chamber edition

BY THE WATERS—2000, Cary Boyce (b. 1955)

MASS—1970, rev. 1998, John Eaton (b. 1935)

ALLELUIA-PSALM 150—Menachem Zur, (b. 1942)

Aguavá New Music Ensemble
conducted by Carmen Helena Téllez
Bridget Wintermann-Parker, coloratura soprano
Susan Swaney, Soprano
Lynn Morrow, Alto
Paul Flight, countertenor
Cary Boyce, tenor
Andrew Hendricks, baritone
Curtis Cook, bass
Alain Barker, flute
Nicholas del Grazia, clarinet
Nariaki Sugiura, piano
John Astaire and Glenn Newell, percussion
David Weber, electronics and sound processing

“A group of the very highest calibre committed to a wide range of repertoire…Aguavá is easily one of the most impressive new music ensembles in America today and I look forward with impatience to its next recording."
—Ivan Moody, International Record Review

"Outstanding artists, outstanding performances, and outstanding music! This is simply a phenomenal addition to contemporary choral discography and I am delighted to have it."
—Dr. Donald M. Kendrick, Director of Choral Activities, California State University Sacramento